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To make skill development possible, we have developed multimedia didactic devices which:

  • Encourage learners to solve problems through case studies
  • Keep learners engaged with rich media
  • Put learners in charge of their learning, at their own pace and location
  • Work on any SCORM platform

Our courses

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(Most samples are currently recorded in spanish but can be translated upon request)

Name of the course


Length (in hours)


lenguaje corporal

Body Language Course

2 modules and one appendix 2
  • Valuing the importance of complementing body language with non-verbal language.
  • Recognizing movements, gestures and body postures which possess a positive impact on communication.

Leadership Course

3 modules 1
  • Valuing the importance of positive leadership.
  • Committing to the acquisition of the essential features of an effective leader.
  • Recognizing the fundamental aspects of a successful workgroup.


3 modules 3
  • Preparing and planning negotiations.
  • Using tools which improve success possibilities in a negotiations.
  • Overcoming possible drawbacks in a negotiations.
  • Conducting negotiations.
  • Detecting hits and misses in the course of negotiations.
presentaciones efectivas

Effective Presentations Course

3 modules and one appendix 4
  • Acquiring the skills and abilities needed to perform presentations in different environments.
  • Planning a presentation.
  • Using didactic support tools.
  • Obtaining strategies for the resolution of difficult situations which might emerge during a presentation.
trabajo en equipo

Teamwork Course

7 modules 3
  • Valuing the importance of teamwork.
  • Analyzing the features of a workgrup.
  • Identifying the role of the team’s objectives inside its dynamics.
  • Recognizing the communication as a fundamental core which determines the performance of teams.
comunicacion escrita

Written Communication Course

3 modules 3
  • Differentiating types of writing.
  • Writing documents in accordance to basic writing rules.
  • Performing revisions and corrections on texts.
manejo defensivo

Defensive Driving course

4 modules 3
  • Acquiring defensive driving skills.
  • Proving good driving in practical actions.
  • Minimizing driving errors and accidents.
  • Respecting current legislations.
reconocimiento de billetes

Coin and Bill Recognition Course

Introduction and 3 modules 3
  • Recognizing bills and coins, pesos, dollars and euros.
  • Identifying safety features of bills.
  • Using methods to verify authenticity of bills.
cursos office

Office Courses

PowerPoint -Word - Excel - Access Basic – Intermediate – Advanced Levels

6 hours each (average)
  • Valuing the importance of using computer resources to handle information.
  • Recognizing the utility and possibilities offered by Office tools.
  • Using programs in different situations and with different purposes.