At Third Term, we're Moodle experts. We've used Moodle for all types of clients, including organizations in the medical, high-tech, pharmaceutical, and publishing industries.

To see some examples of Moodle platforms created by Third Term, click the images below.


Moodle is a learning management system that is distributed under an Open Source license. It is actually an acronym for “Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment”.
The Moodle environment is based on constructivist learning design, which encourages learners to actively build new knowledge from interaction and experience, rather than being spoon-fed information. Moodle has a modular design that makes it easy to add content and give learners control over their path through the material.


The benefits of Moodle include:

  • relevamientoSecurity
  • evaluacionVersatility
  • evaluacionOptimal use of resources
  • diseñoPossibility of interaction between users and teachers
  • validacionMinimum hardware requirements
  • diseñoFlexible and designable for the needs of each organization