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Virtual Campus for Tinta Fresca

Tinta Fresca, publishing house of the Clarín Group, has trusted Tercer Término to develop its Virtual Training Center.

Tinta Fresca is Clarín Group’s publishing house, devoted to school books. Tercer Término has been the company chosen by Tinta Fresca to carry out its Virtual Training Center, dedicated to the education and training of all its marketers and teachers from different levels across the country.

Through this campus, in February 2008, the publishing house presented its new book "Vía Libre" to its marketers in the country.

Simultaneously, the marketers received training through the Tinta Fresca Virtual Campus, about the publishing house's first level books. Special emphasis was made on the new product. Training was intense and 85 marketers took it over the first two weeks of February 2008, with very favorable results.

In this same campus, since March, materials oriented towards teachers have been published. They can also contact specialists from all areas and levels, access forums, didactic material, conferences and many other useful elements to enhance and improve the classroom experience.

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