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The First International Radiology Society Virtual Congress has finished successfully

The First International Radiology Society Virtual Congress took place in December 2007 and Tercer Término has worked with authors of over 18 countries to turn it into a true success.

On December 2007, the First World Virtual Radiology Congress took place. Professional referents from this specialty from more than 18 countries participated, including China, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, United States of America, Spain and France.

This case is a good example of the possibility to generate a positive working environment in an international context by breaking the barriers of distances.

In Tercer Término, besides handling the organization and general management of the Congress, we were in charge of contacting and providing orientation to the authors regarding the use of the tools needed to put together their lectures. In this process, we generated a great bond with them. And as a result, we managed to put together a top level virtual congress with more than 1,800 participants.

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