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Tercer Término with Purina Latin America

Purina’s veterinary training program for the region, “Vip Program” (Nestlé), is based on the solution provided by our company.

Since 2007, Purina has been carrying out the veterinary training program "Vip Program" (Nestlé), which is based on the Virtual Training Center, developed by Tercer Término. is the leading portal for veterinarians in all Latin America. It has over 7,800 users participating from different countries.

With Nestle Purina's support, this campus is adding new users every day. With their participation and constant interest, they are always favoring the emergence of new discussion and debate spaces, as well as continuous training actions.

Since 2007 the website has been the official tool for the Vip Program. This is why all of Purina representatives in the region have received training on how to use the portal. Nowadays they are daily interacting with it, using it to award grants to veterinarians.

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