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General Electric Virtual Classroom

Tercer Término has been selected as the company to develop the GE Virtual Classroom.

Within the Portal, Radiological Virtual Training Center from the Interamerican College of Radiology, Tercer Término was selected to develop the "GE Virtual Classroom"

In the GE classroom the company will offer diverse didactic and educational material, all with excellent level and quality.

Radiologiavirtual has been the leading portal in radiological training since its launch in the year 2005. It currently brings together a community of over 7,000 professionals around the world.

Amongst its many activities, the most outstanding ones are:

  • Virtual Congress every two years
  • Annual Teaching Hospitals Meeting
  • Refreshment Courses
  • Interactive Classes
  • Clinical Cases
The Virtual Campus and the contents design are both carried out by Tercer Término

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