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Tercer Término works with Makro Supermarkets

Makro, leading wholesale supermarket chain, has hired Tercer Término to develop the “Makro University” project in its virtual version.
In its continuous effort to train and educate its staff, Makro has developed the “Makro University” concept, its mission being to train, update and educate all of its employees.

Tercer Término joins this project as the responsible for carrying out the transference of this university to a virtual environment that will enable the training materials and the procedure and handbooks to reach employees across the country. As the company in charge of implementing this technology, Tercer Término is responsible for tasks that range from planning, installing and customizing the virtual campus to the digitalizing and pedagogical processing of all the courses.

To see “My first day in Makro”, an example of the courses that we develop for this company, click here

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