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Tercer Término in Educa Zaragoza 2008

As a part of the Commercial Team organized by Learning Review and Virtual Educa, Tercer Término sent an agent to the IX Virtual Educa Meeting in Spain.

Together with nine other companies, Tercer Término joined the group of e-Learning-related institutions that got to know each other and made business contacts that could potentially result in future alliances. This enriching experience took place in the beautiful city of Zaragoza, Spain, from July 14 to 18, 2008.

There, Tercer Término had the chance to make itself known, through the mission's stand and the distribution of its own brochures. All of these actions are oriented towards becoming a part of the Spanish market for e-learning, since we certainly think we can make a difference in it, thanks to our experience.

The Argentinian Minister of Education, Juan Carlos Tedesco, was present at the Congress and looked around the stand, thus showing the interest that e-learning and the technologies related to it arise in the people who have the future of education in mind.

Once again, Tercer Término was not willing to stand aside from the discussions and meetings related to the concretion of its objectives as a company and of Argentina's role as an exporter of quality products.

To access the site for the Educa Zaragoza 2008 Mission, click here.

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