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Tercer Término in “e-Learning en Acción”

November 5 and 6, the 2008 edition of the “e-Learning en ACCIÓN” event took place. Tercer Término participated for the second year in a row, presenting a success case.

“E-Learning in Action” is an event in which the main companies related to e-Learning, providers as well as users of this technology, Argentinean and international, meet to share experiences, success cases and advances in this field. It is organized by the magazine Learning Review and the Center for Formation, Investigation and Development of E-Learning solutions of the National Technological University (UTN). In this opportunity, it was held in the Claridge Hotel, in Buenos Aires.

This event has been held for four years now, and it is the second year that Tercer Término is participating, presenting one of the ten success cases that form the program.

The case chosen for this year’s presentation was “Educ@sap”, the training program for pediatricians all over the country, which Tercer Término has implemented and continues to develop together with the Argentinean Pediatrics Society (SAP). This case was chosen by the company, apart from the success that it has had in the community, because the characteristics of the professionals to whom it was aimed and the internal functionalities of the program are ideal to show the advantages and the potential possibilities when working with Tercer Término.

Professionals from the health care field, and in this particular case from the pediatrics field, constitute a challenge when implementing e-Learning, since they are used to carry on with their education and training process continuously, but are often fixated on traditional methods. The operation of the technological tools necessary to generate virtual materials and to use them for their own training is not always among their skills. That is why Tercer Término has taken on the challenge of presenting this technologies and materials in a friendly, entertaining manner, generating with the students as well as the trainers a relationship based on help and support, in addition to the usual pedagogical processing of the materials.

Both the campus and the materials were conceived to make a simple and effective use possible. The modules and virtual classes are complemented by interactive games and explicatory animations that illustrate and help reinforce the main topics.

At the event, the presentation was in charge of Marcos Lerche, Managing Director of Tercer Término, who explained the entire implementation process and showed examples of animations, classes and materials from the “Educ@sap” program. Both the presentation and the accomplishments shown were well received and acknowledged by the public present in the auditorium. Tercer Término also participated in the coffee break moments of the event, during which we made contacts with the other exposing companies (from Argentina and Spain), and with members of the audience that approached us to share their experiences and doubts.

We intend to continue to participate in this type of events, since they provide us with the opportunity to get to know and talk to companies that work in the samefield as we do and with others that may wish to join this E-Learning trend, as a system to train their human resources.

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