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Tercer Término in Chicago

From November 30 to December 5, the Annual RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) Congress took place in Chicago.

On the occasion of this congress, and due to the commercial relationship that links Tercer Término to the International Radiology Society (ISR) and the Interamerican School of Radiology (CIR), Mariano Werner, director of the company, travelled to Chicago to attend the meetings of the Board of Directors of these Societies.

During the annual meeting of the Executive Committee of the ISR, Mariano Werner met Dr. Otha Linton (USA), Dr. Hans Ringertz (Switzerland), Dr. Nicolás Gourtsoyianinnis (Greece), Dr. Jan Labouscagne (South Africa), Dr. Claude Manelfe (France) and Dr. Alejandro Beresñak (Argentina), among others, to talk about the achievements of the year, which include successful editions of Virtual Congresses and Virtual Campus developments.

Regarding the CIR, new agreements were reached during the meeting with the members of the Board of Directors of that Society: Miguel Stoopen (Mexico), Rodrigo Restrepo (Colombia), Francisco Arredondo (Guatemala), Oswaldo Núñez (Venezuela), Miguel Pinochet (Chile) and Jorge Bisteni (Mexico).

There was also time for planning and proposals. Tercer Término will continue to work with these societies during 2009, in ever more ambitious enterprises, like the development of capsules of radiological knowledge with technology for PDA devices.

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