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Tercer Término in México

During this year, Tercer Término has travelled to Mexico twice to record different congresses organized by its clients.

In August 2008, Juan Ignacio Lerche and Federico Weschler, members of Tercer Término, travelled to Cancun for the Congress of the Latin American Interventionist Cardiology Society (SOLACI). During their trip they attended the conferences that formed the congress, in order to record their audio and video. These conferences are now available in digital format. They have all been pedagogically processed, which allows for a use of them in the form of classes and clinical cases, even for those professionals that could not attend the event.

To view an example, click here.

Afterwards, in September, it was the turn of Marina Frumkin, also a member of Tercer Término, to visit Ciudad de León, in Mexico. In that opportunity, the congress that was registered was the Leon Veterinary Congress, in which the website VeterinariosenWeb took part. As Tercer Término has had a commercial bond and is trusted by this website for quite some time now, we were chosen to handle the process of digitally editing this material, to be later included in the portal.

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