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Pro-Salud News ackowledges the work of Tercer Término

The health news agency announces the beginning of the Second International Society of Radiology (ISR) Virtual Congress and explains the role of Tercer Término as organizer of this event for the second time.

In the context of the Second Congress that begun on April 1st, the article that appeared on March 31 in the Pro-Salud News portal explains in detail all the precedents of this event. The experience in Virtual Congresses that Tercer Término has together with the ISR goes back to 2007, when we jointly organized the First English Speaking Virtual Congress. After the success of this event, in 2009 we have considered it a good idea to organize a second edition of this congress, especially due to the benefits that it provides for the radiological community in the whole world. Mariano Werner, Managing Director of Tercer Término and in charge of the relationship with the ISR, explained it in the article in Pro-Salud News: “Continuous education for human resources is necessary for modern societies. And, in the medical area, it is without a doubt a fundamental issue. Virtual education has become the best tool for professionals seeking excellence, who can now access the same information than their colleagues but without having to move from their desks”.

It is for us a reason to take pride the fact that this publication has decided to mention this congress and the role that Tercer Término has played in it. This is more important to us especially since Pro-Salud News is not a portal dedicated to e-Learning news, but to news relevant to the field of medicine.

To read the article in the Pro-Salud News, click here.

To access the 2nd Virtual Congress of the ISR, click here.

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