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Tercer Término in Neuquén with Exterran

In April, Tercer Terminó travelled once again to Neuquén to record a course for the virtual platform developed for Exterran.

Federico Weschler, head of the Audiovisual Edition Department of Tercer Término, travelled in April to the “El portón” deposit, 330 kilometers away from the capital city of Neuquén. There, Exterran possesses a gas compression plant.

The purpose of this particular trip, in the framework of the preparation process for the different materials required for Exterran’s training plan, was the recording of a Standard Upkeep Routine course. The course is now in the process of edition and compilation in the headquarters of Tercer Término. When it is ready, it will be included, along with the other courses, materials and contents, in the training platform we are preparing for the company and which, we expect, will be finished and working in June.

Tercer Término works constantly to produce tailor-made training solutions for the organizations that require them, to adapt them to their needs and to achieve the best results in each case.

Exterran has trusted us for this task, which proved complex and challenging from the beginning. All our actions since then have been oriented to fulfilling their expectations and to providing even more than was originally asked from us.

The preparation process continues… soon we will publish more news on this client and its developments.

Below, some pictures of the trip, of the training itself as well as of the place where it took place.

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