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Veterinarios en Web and Tercer Término en México with Pfizer

In June 2009, Tercer Término travelled to Distrito Federal, Mexico, to record a veterinary congress organized by Pfizer.

Marina Frumkin, member of Tercer Término, visited the Federal District in June 2009 for the “Companion Animal Pfizer Conference: Small species congress” organized by Pfizer laboratories. Her job there was to register the conferences that formed this congress.

The fact that Tercer Término attended this event was a result of the relationship that our company maintains with the veterinarian community through the portal. This same portal will be where we will be publishing all the material and courses resulting from the audiovisual material recorded during the congress.

Once again, in Tercer Término we are grateful for the trust that the veterinarian community shows towards us. And we would like to celebrate that new organizations are willing to join this kind of projects to continue working for the continuous education of veterinarians.

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