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Tercer Término took part of Virtual Educa ‘09

From the November 9 to 13, Tercer Término took part in this event, fully devoted to virtual education.

The Argentinian Catholic University was the venue for this year’s Virtual Educa. Tercer Término participated in this event through a stand, shared with our Spanish partner Ingenia, in which we presented our work through some examples and answered questions of the assistants who approached us.

Also in the framework of this event, we assisted to “e-Learning in action 2009”, the Argentinian annual conference on e-Learning success cases organized by Learning Review magazine. We participated for the third consecutive year in this meeting, presenting as success case the Virtual University developed by Tercer Término for Makro wholesale supermarkets.

The case was presented by Lic. Marcos Lerche and counted with the invaluable participation of Diego Marín, from Makro, who contributed with comments and his vision as a client of Tercer Término in this project.

Before our presentation, Diego Garrido Muñoz, from Ingenia, made his own presentation and spoke about the benefit of incorporating social network systems to virtual learning. Both presentations were very well received by the audience and after them several assistants approached the presenters to share ideas and concerns.

As usual, in Tercer Término we feel happy and proud to have participated in these events which allow us to share experiences with other companies and contact people from different organizations within the e-Learning field.

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