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Marketing Team in Sao Paulo

Last October 4 and 5, directors and founders of Tercer Término travelled to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to attend several business meetings.

The main purpose of the trip was to meet the people in charge of training in Makro South America, to take to the region the training program Tercer Término has been successfully implementing in Argentina since September 2008. The proposal presented in the meeting includes a plan of similar features to start in January 2011 with the participation of Brazil (head of the region), Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, as well as the continuity of Argentina.

The meeting counted with the presence of María Susana de Souza (South America Human Resources Manager), human resources managers of the involved countries and the Brazilian information system director.

Apart from the Makro project, Marcos Lerche and Mariano Werner met the Sao Paulo branches of two very important clients of Tercer Término: Purina-Nestlé and Exterran. The aim of the visit was to present and sum up the work performed in Argentina and to analyze the possibility of implementing similar ideas in Brazil.

Also, in Purina-Nestlé, we analyzed the actions carried out during 2009 and 2010 in the website, of which the food company is the main sponsor and for the last two years the Brazilian branch has joined the project as well.

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